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ISN network and Linux, how?

Thu Mar 10 19:41:07 CET 2005
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Elsa Quickstep

The Elsa Quickstep 1000 PCI card has been certified with ISDN4linux for use on public telephone lines. So, if you want to be sure not to get any hassle over whether you're premitted to use ISDN4linux, get a Quickstep 1000 PCI. Here's a picture:

and the box:

The Quickstep 3000 also works fine (but is hard to find).

In both cases the "PRO" version will often be the one on offer (i.e. e.g. Quickstep 1000 PRO). the only difference is that the PRO version is sold with Windows software, a waste of money IMHO :-)

Quickstep 1000 ISA type=7 protocol=2 irq=X io=0xXXX irq and io according to isapnp setup
Quickstep 1000 PCI type=18 protocol=2 with PCI no irq or io

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