MH17 Hauled Gruesome Cargo
In Infected Corpses And Tainted Blood

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MH17 Hauled Gruesome Cargo
In Infected Corpses And Tainted Blood
By Yoichi Shimatsu

   In these still early hours following the mystery crash of MH17, one 
   must dare to think the unthinkable. An investigator goes to where 
   the evidence leads, and the evidence so far from the crash site 
   indicates a hellish scenario beyond imagining.
   Besides the nearly 300 passengers aboard the ill-fated Malaysian 
   Airlines, the plane's cargo bay was loaded with dozens of infected 
   corpses drained of their blood and countless packets of possibly 
   virus-contaminated blood serum, according to the local 
   eyewitnesses, first-arrivers at the crash site in the Donetsk 
   region along Ukraine-Russia borderlands.
   The gruesome finding points irrefutably to Malthusian skulduggery 
   at the highest levels of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 
   sponsoring a covert biological warfare program against the 
   population of Asia. A systematic investigation is now required to 
   uncover the deadliest plot against humanity in modern history. The 
   more predictable outcome, unfortunately, is likely to be a cover-up 
   on an unprecedented scale to protect the globalist elite from 
   scrutiny, legal prosecution and justice.
   The blatant violation of international laws for transporting 
   infectious agents indicates a criminal intent in their use at 
   destination. IATA, the watchdog agency for air travel, strictly 
   controls and registration rules in the conveyance of corpses and 
   infectious substances due to the dangers of accidental spillage or 
   deliberate biowarfare. The WHO also imposes tight reporting rules 
   for physical transfer of materials between laboratories, and is 
   therefore now caught in flagrante delicto violating its own rules.
   The notable failure by the Israeli-controlled Amsterdam-Schiphol 
   Airport customs clearance, in addition to the WHO and IATA, to warn 
   emergency crews and investigators at the crash site of the epidemic 
   danger proves that the gruesome cargo was transported illegally 
   without registration. The UN and WHO are directly implicated in 
   this covert transfer of biowarfare agents in the cargo hold, 
   accompanying some 100 of their top virus researchers, staff members 
   and NGO supporters in the passenger cabin.
   Pity the first responder
   According to rebel commander Igor Girson, who goes by the nom de 
   guerre Strelkov, as quoted by AP, reported that local villagers who 
   rushed to the crash scene found ``a significant number of the bodies 
   weren't fresh.'' The first-responders also said the corpses had been 
   drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.
   Could the cadavers have been air-freighted for simple anatomy 
   classes? That is a freshman question. Paying air-cargo fees to send 
   bodies to Asia is more of a financial loss than sending coals to 
   Newcastle. There is no shortage of fresh John Does on ice from 
   places like the Philippines. Drained of blood and reeking from 
   decay, the corpses can be nothing other than carriers of an 
   infectious disease.
   Decomposed cadavers and tainted blood exposed to wind, soil and 
   ground water pose a present and clear threat to public health for 
   millions of people across Ukraine, western Russia and the countries 
   of the Black Sea, including Moldova, Turkey and even as far as 
   Greece. A regional warning needs to be issued, but none is 
   forthcoming, not when the WHO is implicated while its executives, 
   the hidden elitist sponsors of genocide, scramble for the cover of 
   respectability. These reprobates nestled in the medical bureaucracy 
   are far  ;worse than ordinary war criminals.
   A hair's breadth from worst case
   In a worst-case scenario, and the facts thus far point to a hair's 
   breadth short of worst case, the MH17 crash on the Ukraine-Russian 
   borderlands could have been the start of a real World War Z. 
   Conversely the shoot-down could have been an act of twisted heroism 
   in a desperate last-minute strike to prevent biological warfare on 
   a global scale.
   One question logically raised is whether the transport of infected 
   corpses and tainted blood to host countries can be a standard 
   feature of the UNAIDS conferences. Serving as a medical-science 
   reporter with The University of Hong Kong press, I reported 
   extensively on UNAIDS 2001 in that that city and visited the top 
   research university laboratories. I can attest that bodies and 
   blood samples were not obtained as part of the proceedings, and 
   precautionary procedures for the sharing of tiny bits of samples 
   were always followed to  a tee.
   The WHO was shipping its ``zombie'' passengers for a criminal 
   purpose, very possibly genocide on a wide scale, perhaps 
   continental. Blood-drained corpses are the stuff of horror movies, 
   but this nightmare arose from one of the busiest airports of 
   ``civilized'' Europe, and one controlled by ITCS, a security company 
   linked from its inception to the Israeli Mossad.
   Mad Scientists with renewed support from above
   A reason for concern, early in this investigation, is the fact that 
   The Netherlands, the origin of of Flight 17, is the center for the 
   engineering of weaponized viruses under Ron Fouchier, the closest 
   research associate of the notorious Japanese influenza expert 
   Yoshihiro Kawaoka. The flu-research center at Eramus Medical 
   University in Rotterdam is the sister-laboratory of Kawaoka's 
   Institute of Infectious Virus Research at the University of 
   Wisconsin, Madison.
   The deadly duo's pseudo-scientific research includes the 
   ``perfection'' of a Spanish flu virus that killed of 20 million 
   victims worldwide in 1918-19. Kawaoka recently boasted that nothing 
   can stop his newest variant of H5N1, the avian influenza virus. 
   Fouchier's fanatic disciples, meanwhile, have been weaponizing the 
   H7N9 bird-flu virus that killed more than 40 people in China. 
   (Weaponization involves three objectives, first, to hasten the 
   ability of a virus to spread, that is, to be more contagious; 
   second, to increase its lethality;  and third, to develop an 
   antidote available only to the chosen few.)
   Kawaoka and Fouchier are not mad scientists working on the fringe, 
   they are accredited researchers with powerful funding support. Two 
   years agi, the twin labs received a massive boost in funding from 
   unidentified sources funneled through department budgets despite 
   vociferous objections from other scientists as to the unstoppable 
   The patrons of the deadly research includes the chairman of the 
   Eramus University trustee board, Anton Van Rossum, a former 
   executive with Solvay, the Belgium chemical producer that illegally 
   provided sarin-gas components to the Israeli biowarfare program 
   aboard an El Al jetliner that crashed in Amsterdam. The El Al 
   flight hit a crowded apartment block, soon after takeoff from 
   Schiphol Airport, which also is the takeoff point for MH17.
   Aboard that El Al flight was a shipment of an RNA-based bioweapon 
   known as mycoplasm, which replicates in water (for example, inside 
   the human lungs) and is suspected to have been used in the two Gulf 
   Wars against Iraq. Bioweapons, Solvay, Israeli, Schiphol, ICTS and 
   Boeing are the common denominators between 1992 El Al crash and the 
   2014 Malaysia Airlines disaster
   Preventative action at tragic cost
   If the world can still believe in ``heroes in white armor'' or at 
   least bad guys with a grain of common sense under their black hats, 
   a Hollywood-type disaster script emerges from this real-life action 
   flick. Before the zombie cargo escapes Europe to launch World War Z 
   in Asia, top generals with NATO and the Russian command decide that 
   the payload must be stopped at any cost. The passenger casualties 
   tragic as they are, the loss of billions of innocent lives in an 
   unstoppable global pandemic must be prevented.< /span>
   Indeed, an independent technical analysis of the video clips from 
   the crash site, by a retired CIA crash expert, confirms just such a 
   - the metal fuselage of the Boeing-777 shows no traces of deep and 
     long scratch marks from the steel balls delivered in the warhead of 
     a Buk ground-to-air missile;
   - The starboard (right-wing) jet engine was badly damaged and 
     caught fire, pointing to a hit by a smaller air-to-air missile 
     launched from a fighter interceptor, flying at about the same 
     altitude; and
   - the midsection was "blown outward and not inward," indicating a 
     bomb blast inside the cargo bay.
   The expert observations, when assembled, shows that a NATO 
   interceptor fired a heat-seeking missile at a jet engine, 
   triggering a fire. The flames were expected to move up the fuel 
   lines inside the wing to set fire to the plane and incinerate all 
   contents, especially the infected corpses and blood packets.
   The midair disinfection plan came undone when a bomb hidden inside 
   the cargo bay by the Israelis, timed to explode at Kuala Lumpur 
   International Airport (KLIA) to spread biowarfare agents after all 
   the passengers debarked safely, instead heated up and burst midair. 
   The bomb blast blew out the on-board fire before the cargo was 
   torched. The plane plummeted to the ground with the biowarfare 
   agents and corpses intact.
   World's military commanders dread biowarfare
   President Vladimir Putin, out of character, did not react 
   forcefully to the accusations of a Russian role in the shoot-down, 
   indicating military commands of NATO and Russia are on the same 
   page in their determination to stop the Israeli-inspired, 
   WHO-backed bioweapons attack against the world population. The 
   other question now, besides decontamination, is: How to track down 
   and punish the perpetrators and planners who were not aboard MH17?
   The Ukrainian side, which lacks any of the intelligence 
   professionalism required for these sorts of code-red operations, 
   bungled their version of events and clumsily imposed a 
   communications blackout over the control tower at Kiev Airport. 
   Preventing global genocide is not a task for Cub Scouts out to 
   protect their petty national interests. Imperial powers are far 
   more astute at the deadly game, which is why they are empires and 
   mere nations.
   The threat of World War Z is not over, not when Ukrainians and 
   Russians are being exposed to the unleashed viruses that defy 
   inoculation with vaccines. Trained biowarfare experts in safety 
   suits should collect the evidence and torch the bodies in a mobile 
   plasma incinerator. By the time the clean-up is finished, Eastern 
   Ukraine could end up as uninhabited as the central Congo after WHO 
   teams eliminated all potential carriers of ebola.
   Evil never quits
   The world's population has practically zero awareness of the 
   well-hidden strategists who plan and order annihilation of entire 
   regions, as has been happening with the ebola campaign and AIDS in 
   Central Africa, or the Factor VIII HIV-tainted blood propagation to 
   the war-torn Balkans and Japan under the Clinton and Bush 
   administrations. This summer another brazen biowarfare attack was 
   within a razor's edge of exterminating Malaysians and millions of 
   other Asians.
   War on a global scale is no longer fought in trenches, but waged in 
   laboratories, airports, city centers, hospitals, senior homes and 
   schools.It is not called total war, it is simply known as global 
   policy. As a footnote, it should be noted that Professor Kawaoka is 
   a graduate of Kobe University, and that port city is the 
   traditional center for veterans of Unit 731, which unleashed plague 
   and hanta virus against entire cities in World War II. The WHO is 
   the successor to Unit 731, and so WWZ is upon us.< /span>
   Yoichi Shimatsu is a science writer, who organized public health 
   seminars during the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong 
   and Bangkok.  He was the lead investigative journalist in the 1995 
   Tokyo subway gassing and subsequent terrorist threats against 
   Japan's nuclear reactors. His article on the Amsterdam crash of an 
   El Al cargo jet loaded with bioweapons, sarin and war-grade 
   plutonium follows this article.


Dutch Suspect Covert 1992
Nuke Weapon Transfer to Israel
by Yoichi Clark Shimatsu

   (PNS) AMSTERDAM -- The Dutch Parliament is just this month holding 
   public hearings to determine vital facts about an October, 1992 
   airplane accident.
   The El Al Boeing 747 crashed into an apartment building in 
   Bijlmeer, a suburb of Amsterdam, killing 39 people on the ground 
   and four aboard the plane. It was carrying a secret cargo that 
   included the main chemical ingredients for the nerve gas sarin as 
   well as depleted uranium. Dutch journalists allege it was carrying 
   weapons-grade plutonium as well.
   As many as 2,000 local residents and firemen have reported health 
   complaints that they attribute to the crash. Many report loss of 
   hair in the weeks after the crash, a sign of radiation disease.
   Possibly nuclear weapons technology being illegally shipped from 
   U.S. to Israel
   The hearings at The Hague follow six years of investigation by 
   Dutch journalists Vincent Dekker and Pierre Heyboer with the 
   Volkskrant newspaper. The most important witnesses will not be 
   present, however -- officials of the Bush administration.
   The flight stopped at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport for refueling en 
   route from New York to Tel Aviv. On October 4 last year, the sixth 
   anniversary of the crash, Dutch transport ministry leaked to a 
   newspaper an El Al bill of landing that shows the plane was 
   carrying 190 liters of dimethy methylphosphonate (DMMP), four 
   liters of isopropanol and an undisclosed amount of hydroflouric 
   The chemicals were being sent to a super-secret weapons facility, 
   called the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) south of 
   Tel Aviv.
   The Israeli government has claimed that the chemicals were intended 
   for testing gas masks. But most military services use only a few 
   grams for such purposes. The chemicals aboard the El Al jet were 
   enough to produce 270 kilograms of sarin nerve gas -- enough to 
   annihilate the populations of many major cities.
   The sarin components came from the Solkatronics chemical plant in 
   Morrisville, Pennsylvania, then owned by Solvay, a chemical 
   corporation based in Brussels, Belgium. International transport of 
   such materials is a violation of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, 
   signed by the U.S.
   The El Al jet also carried at least 800 kilograms of depleted 
   uranium (DU), used as ballast to balance the jet's cargo. Burned DU 
   releases uranium dust, which is known to cause lung cancer and 
   other diseases.
   Dutch authorities and El Al admit Flight LY1862 carried sarin 
   components and DU, but refuse to provide details on six tons of 
   military cargo. According to airport security personnel, the plane 
   carried seven pallets of unspecified munitions.
   Journalist Dekker claims, on the basis of leaks from Dutch 
   officials, that the jet carried 27 kilograms of weapons-grade 
   plutonium, enough to make seven warheads the size of the bomb that 
   was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945.
   In addition, soil samples taken at the crash site have turned up 
   evidence suggesting that nuclear weapons technology was being 
   illegally shipped from the U.S. to Israel.
   The El Al jet landed and took off at Schiphol, one of the world's 
   busiest civilian airports, and flew across the most densely 
   populated area of Europe. If 27 kilograms of plutonium had bounced 
   into the burning wreckage, nearly all of Western Europe would have 
   faced a nuclear emergency bigger than the Chernobyl accident.
   Dutch and Israeli authorities apparently organized a cover-up. Most 
   documents taken from El Al officials have disappeared. Police audio 
   tapes and 42 videotapes taken by the firefighters were shredded. 
   Firemen claimed that they turned in the cockpit voice recorder, or 
   "black box," but the government denies that it was ever found. 
   Metal parts from the wreckage were recycled and melted down before 
   a proper investigation could begin.
   Residents report seeing helicopters, painted black and without 
   markings, landing in their neighborhood. Others tell of a 
   French-speaking team searching the area, and a group of men 
   speaking English, some clad in white chemical protective suits, 
   carrying a heavy box covered with a white cloth.
   The Dutch authorities have denied that these events ever happened.
   Journalists say Dutch security officials have told them that the 
   Netherlands has allowed Israel to make secret military air 
   shipments through Schiphol since the 1950s. The shipments 
   apparently are outside the Atlantic Alliance military treaties 
   because the aircraft going to Israel are not refueled at NATO air 
   bases but at the commercial airport of Schiphol.
   "Schiphol has become a hub for secret weapons transfers because El 
   Al has special status there. Dutch authorities have no jurisdiction 
   over Israeli activities at the airport," said Henk van der Belt, a 
   member of an investigation team set up by Bijlmeer residents.
   Every Sunday at sundown, an El Al cargo plane stops at Schiphol, 
   refueling midway on the long journey between New York and Tel Aviv. 
   All Israel-bound cargo is put inside a vacuum chamber in an 
   underground bunker to test it for bombs equipped with altimeter 
   triggers. But the flight does not appear on any airport video 
   monitors -- there is not even an El Al check-in counter. Documents 
   for air freight to Israel are handled inside an unmarked room.
   A photo taken just before the 1992 accident showed that the engine 
   of the El Al jet was off-center, indicating it was previously 
   Airport workers in Cologne, Germany, where the jet refueled on its 
   way to New York, say the plane collided with an airport ground 
   vehicle there. In other words, the cargo jet loaded with U.S.-made 
   sarin, uranium and plutonium could have crashed in New York but it 
   turned out to be a time-bomb flying to the heart of Europe. 


Role Of Israel & Soros Exposed
By MH370 Twin Jet In Tel Aviv By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to

   BANGKOK - It is by no mere coincidence, when telltale evidence of a 
   Mossad role in the MH370 hijack was starting to snowball, that 
   Israel's embassies and consulates were suddenly shut down due to a 
   "strike by diplomatic staff". This fork-tongued alibi was obviously 
   meant to prevent law enforcement agencies across Asia and the 
   Western world from questioning Israeli intelligence agents and 
   military attaches about the whereabouts and fate of the hundreds of 
   The Jewish state's diplomatic corps has retreated further into a 
   tortoise shell, perhaps because of the hammer blow from 
   investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn, who previously exposed 
   Israel's hand behind the 911 attacks. Based on eyewitness reports 
   from a network of plane watchers in Europe and in Israel, Bollyn 
   reports that an identical production model of the Malaysian 
   Airlines Boeing 777 is being kept out of regular service inside a 
   hangar at Tel Aviv Airport.
   Seattle-based Boeing assembles aircraft in pairs as its standard 
   practice, but the question is how one jet was leased by Malaysia's 
   national carrier while the matching plane was secretly turned over 
   to the Israeli government without a purchase order from state-run 
   El Al airlines.
   Bollyn uncovered the fact that the two jets were delivered to a 
   third-party company, whose top manager has a longtime connection 
   with the George Soros. From the timeline of events, it is obvious 
   that the plane transfers and subsequent electronic hijacking were 
   part of a larger strategy, which was aimed at:
   first, a planned alse-flag attack involving mass murder of American 
   citizens to be blamed on the two Iranians aboard MH370, in order to 
   prompt the White House to order air strikes against Iran's nuclear 
   facilities and air defenses; and
   second, the blatant theft of key technology related to Freehold 
   Semiconductor's Kinesis microchip, the world's tiniest 
   microcontroller, for use in miniature weapons systems that will 
   ensure Israeli military supremacy for decades to come.
   Bait and Swtich
   Why do the Israeli false flaggers need to hijack the Malaysian 
   sister-plane, when just one plane will suffice for the ruse? The 
   mint-condition jet in Tel Aviv would be refitted with Stealth 
   cloaking, state-of-air avionics (aviation electronics, DU-tipped 
   munitions and high-temperature explosives, but fake evidence of 
   Malaysian origins are needed to complete the ruse. Therefore, 
   identifying metal tags and other identifying parts have to be 
   removed from MH370, along with seat covers, crew uniforms and the 
   bodies of the two Iranians, to be frozen in a morgue. The deception 
   would, be complete with the transfer of the stripped Malaysian jet 
   to El Al.
   The cover story for TIME and the New York Times would fly as easily 
   as a captured jetliner, running something like ''The Iranian 
   hijackers overcame the crew and flew the jet into a military 
   airfield in Iran. Then the Revolutionary Guards loaded the plane 
   with gasoline drums for a suicide mission against innocent 
   civilians and our congressmen in Washington DC. We mourn the loss 
   of the Capitol and the White House in the intense blaze that 
   destroyed half of our beloved capital, but we face the future with 
   courage and will deliver justice against that terrorist state. The 
   last of the Axis of Evil will share the fate of its erstwhile 
   partners. Now, from the Superdome, let's hear Lady Gaga sing the 
   Star-Spangled Banner.'' Those are fighting words that can snap 
   average Americans out of their antiwar malaise. Yes, propaganda is 
   made for consumption by fools.
   Going Boeing: We Know Why We're Here
   Boeing's motto is precision perfect when it comes to MH370. No 
   other aircraft manufacturer (think of McDonnel Douglas, for 
   example, or long-gone Hughes) is closer to the US intelligence 
   services. More than a business corporation, Boeing is a state unto 
   itself, with a vast network of facilities around Seattle and at 
   every major airport around the globe. Less visible are its 
   connections with obscure airlines operating in remote islands, 
   where it is routine to find amputated limbs of human-sacrifice 
   victims floating into Puget Sound. The company provides for all of 
   its powerful customers needs, desires and wildest fantasies, as 
   expressed in its older slogan: Forever New Frontiers.
   One of those frontiers is remote piloting of civilian aircraft, 
   based on drone warfare technology, which Boeing developed from 
   prototypes designed in Israel. The pair of 777s for Malaysia and 
   Israel are new editions, and therefore rigged to fly by wireless.
   Boeing delivered the twin jets to a middleman in October 2013, who 
   delivered one to Malaysian Airlines in November. The timing 
   coincides with the appointment of Joanne Magruire, a veteran 
   Lockheed Martin Space Division executive, to the board of directors 
   of Freescale Semiconductors, whose Kuala Lumpur staffers involved 
   in the design of the Kinesis KL02 microchip were aboard MH370. The 
   plan went like clockwork.
   Who is Abdol Moabery?
   The twin Boeing jets were sold to GA Telesis, an aircraft leasing 
   and servicing company, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The owner 
   of GAT is Abdol Moabery, the son of Iranian immigrants in the posh 
   Woodlawn Hills suburb of Los Angeles.
   Before and after September 2001, Moabery was executive manager of 
   Skywatch, a company that supplied monitoring devices for the 
   rooftops of office towers. The electronic device can spot as many 
   as 300 flying objects in one sweep and single out the one flying 
   toward the targeted property. Handy indeed to welcome your boss on 
   the helipad in Manhattan and also to direct his pilot toward the 
   right building.
   One of the partners in Skywatch was New York City Mayor Rudolf 
   Guiliani, who claimed his interest was solely in its potential 
   application to monitor US borders against illegal immigrants. One 
   immigrant who slipped past the Skywatch net was Mohamad Atta. 
   Despite or perhaps because of Skywatch, the two jetliners flew into 
   the Towers like Robin Hood's arrows.
   Six months after 911, Moabery left Skywatch to start up GA Telesis 
   in Florida, a state then governed by fellow Republican Jeb Bush and 
   where 911 suspects had extensive flight training.
   Prior his term at Skywatch, Moabery served in the US Navy and then 
   worked in executive positions for two Soros-owned aviation 
   companies, Aviation Systems International and C-S Aviation. C-S 
   stands for Chatterjee-Soros. Purnenda Chatterjee is a former 
   Stanford Research Institute and McKinsey partner, whose Chatterjee 
   Group funneled investment funds into West Bengal on behalf of his 
   mentor Soros. In 2011, investors in North Carolina filed charges 
   against Soros and his protege for fraud and embezzlement, an won 
   the initial case by arguing that Soros concealed his ownership of 
   the bankrupt company. Soros is not the Midas he pretends to be, 
   often escaping out the back door leaving behind angry investors.
   Moabery takes an interest in homeless children as founder of the 
   charity called Kids in Distress.
   Lord of the Skies and Depths
   The Boeing corporate vice-president for Southeast Asia is Ralph 
   "Skip" Boyce, the former US ambassador to Jakarta and Bangkok. The 
   prize job came as reward for his past services to Boeing, black 
   operations and the pedophile network. After his retirement from 
   government service, Skip didn't break his stride:
   - Boyce had just sold dozens of Boeing civilian aircraft to a new 
     airline controlled by the Indonesian military just before the 
     ``accidental'' crash of a demonstration model of a lower-cost Sukhoi 
     Super 100 passenger plane for inexplicable reasons into a mountain 
     after takeoff from the joint U.S.-Indonesian Halim Air Force Base.
   Some background on the business-savvy man from Boeing:
   - Boyce was on duty during the Bali bombing. Then editor of Jakarta 
     Post Robert Finnegan, a retired Marine and founder of the 5th 
     Estate news site, found evidence of high explosives and nuclear 
     materials at the bomb site, which pointed to a US intelligence role 
     in the killing of Australians undercover agents and Indonesian 
     civilians. The ambassador in response arranged his removal from his 
   - Ambassador "Boyz" was the de facto dean of American envoys in 
     Southeast Asia when anti-pedophile activist Sean Parlaman jumped 
     off his apartment balcony in Pattaya, Thailand, according to local 
     police on the pedophile payroll. His protection of high-ranking 
     pedophiles in the State Department and Congress coincided with the 
     discovery of the skeletons of 500 Indonesian boys inside a cave in 
     Bali and intimidation of a Cambodian orphanage as a recruiting 
     ground for sex slaves whose average age was 10 years old.
   Boeing is certainly out there on the frontiers.
   Dolphins at Diego Garcia
   Instead of flying to Iran immediately, MH370 presumably landed at 
   the gateway to the Persian Gulf, Diego Garcia, the presumption 
   being based on eyewitness accounts in nearly Maldives of a 
   low-flying plane on descent toward that destination.
   On the surface and from satellite images, Diego Garcia seems a 
   barren atoll. That's because most of the US Navy and Air Force 
   bases are underground inside vast bunkers installed a decade ago. 
   The island, part of the British-owned Chagos archipelago south of 
   India, later made headlines as the storage site for hundreds of 
   bunker-buster JDAM bombs for a joint Israel-US airstrike against 
   Iran's nuclear facilities and air defenses.
   The Israeli military and intelligence presence on Diego Garcia is 
   so massive that long-distance phone operators offer a special 
   discount card for calls to Israel. The Israeli Navy's 
   nuclear-missile capable Dolphin submarines refuel and are serviced 
   at Diego Garcia, saving the time and expense of going to Elat on 
   the Red Sea.
   An IDF Dolphin sub from Diego Garcia sank the South Korean frigate 
   Choenan. The Dolphin crew, panicked by the unscheduled voyage, 
   fired a smart torpedo at the frigate. On the following two days, 
   South Korean naval divers rescued several Caucasians, including two 
   drowning victims, from a sunken submarine. That Dolphin submarine, 
   based at an underwater base south of Inchon, was later replaced 
   with an IDF order for a new sub from HDW Germany. Cannon fire from 
   the Choenan's sister ship had hit the Dolphin after it sank the 
   Choenan, following delivered nuclear-weapons material to the North 
   Korean military.
   Israel is neck-deep in intrigue across Asia, including nuclear 
   deals with North Korea and Japan. As mentioned earlier in this 
   series on MH370, Israeli-linked agents including Google and 
   Facebook have monitored email servers across Southeast Asia and 
   hacked into computers of Palestinian supporters.
   The role of Israeli intelligence assets inside Muslim-dominated 
   Malaysia is a long-running issue that involves strings of 
   stay-behind agents left by the British colonial authority. These 
   underground networks are descended from two strands of Jewish 
   administrators and merchants in colonial Malaya. First are those 
   who have origins in the Ottoman empire and migrated under Britain's 
   favorable policy toward the Donmeh Jews (hidden Jews inside the 
   Islamic community across the Arab realm, Turkey and Iran) during 
   the Ataturk period. Second are Baghdadi Jews involved in the opium 
   trade. More recent recruits are ordinary bureaucrats and military 
   officers who are in need of a handful of shekels to pay their 
   gambling debts.
   The spotting of increasing amounts of flotsam and jetsam off the 
   Australian coast are meant to throw public attention off track. In 
   actual flotation situations, there would be less debris with each 
   passing day, as seats become waterlogged and life jackets deflate. 
   Obviously, submarines from Diego Garcia are jettisoning pieces of 
   aircraft through their missile hatches with blasts of compressed 
   air. Bodies can be frozen in morgues with life jackets to be 
   partially opened before dispatching them out the torpedo tubes.
   Soros Gets More Than a Pound
   The Malaysian jetliner, and its hidden sibling in Tel Aviv, are the 
   instruments that should have guaranteed Zionist supremacy over the 
   global economic and political order throughout this century. 
   Instead, their grandiose design is collapsing under its own 
   fabrications and delusions, as Israeli envoys scurry into the 
   shadows like rats under spotlights. The FBI and Interpol have a 
   monumental task ahead. Crush Israeli terrorist apparatus and hunt 
   down their cells until world civilization is safe again.
   "Thieves, murderers and liars" are mere words that can hardly 
   describe the crafty criminality of the Israeli spy chiefs. But what 
   about their paymaster, what does Soros get out of the deal? For one 
   thing, the Mossad turns over the Kinesis microchip technology as 
   thanks for his patriotism. Chips aside, what Soros really, really 
   wants is the satisfaction of payback against Malaysia. Few things 
   are more important than money, and that short list includes revenge.
   The Hungarian Jew tycoon, who bought US citizenship after 
   defrauding the Bank of England, has a die-hard grudge against 
   Malaysia. During his cunning attempt to wreck the currencies of 
   Southeast Asian, with the hidden agenda of buying assets and 
   property on the cheap, Soros was slammed down by Malaysia's then 
   Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir, who imposed a currency board to 
   stop capital flight. That was back in 2008. (The Zionist-influenced 
   Western media and Wall Street bankers quickly denounced Mahathir as 
   ``anti-semitic'', forgetting out of their dismal cultural ignorance 
   that an Asian Muslim cannot be such since fellow believers across 
   the Arab world are more Semitic than European Jews.)
   If revenge is a dish best served cold, Soros has ice in his veins 
   and waited till his dying days to gouge out a pound of flesh from 
   Malaysia's body politick.
   At the risk of sounding as soft as Lady Portia with her 
   aristocratic Venetian accent, let me suggest that the world 
   community is to be governed with compassion for the poor and 
   genuine democracy, and not by a top-down global order imposed with 
   violence and greed from a self-appointed religious minority. So as 
   the noose tightens on that little rogue state that would be king of 
   our planet, let us mourn the victims of Flight 370 as much as we 
   grieved over those who died inside the World Trade Center. Such 
   bloodthirsty evil should never be allowed to strike again.
   Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with the Japan Times group in Tokyo, 
   is a Hong Kong-based science writer.