The OMEGA File
Today the Group consists of international bankers [the same core of NY, London, Swiss and German merchant bankers, but now expanded to the largest banks in many other parts of the world, notably Japan and in the Middle East], kings, at least one queen, princes, industrialists [among the world's top 100 CEOs +/or Chairmen... a heavy concentration in autos], Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corps generals, State department section chiefs, Mafia chiefs, drug lords, elected officials, judges at all levels, many media owners, a host of leading lawyers, and many others. The leadership of the Group comes from its EUROPEAN parent organization, consisting of many of Europe's key bankers, industrialists, & politicians. They want to impose on this planet a centralized world oligarchy -- not a democracy -- akin to a FASCIST state in which there will be genocide on a massive scale, total state control over all aspects of human behavior and communication and control of the human mind and spirit through manipulation of the world's major religions, genetic engineering, drugs, tightly-controlled media and by other means. There will be death camps in which 'undesirable' races, the old and infirm, and those without "social utility" will be exterminated without a trace. The institution of state-sanctioned slavery will be re-established. There will no longer be families as we know the institution. There will be a MASTER RACE in charge of all this power -- the ARYAN RACE, augmented by advanced genetics, and bred for superior characteristics. Their target date is the coming second millennium, the year 2000. If you want details of their plan, with an approximate day-to-day blueprint of life under the new regime, read Brave New World. Huxley apparently knew about the plan from his brother.