When their man, Hitler, went out of control they drugged him into oblivion and implemented the death camp 'model' under Bormann. Early in W.W.II there was a conference hosted by King George in the English countryside at which representatives from all walks of life from all over agreed on a plan to undermine and overthrow the US and Russian states. Representatives of all the monarchies mentioned above attended. At the end of W.W.II, GEN. GEHLEN ran two operations in Spring, 1945 for them: the assassination of FDR using a chemical that caused the cerebral hemorrhage and immediate death and the [attempted] elimination of Hitler with a bullet from Bormann's gun [without Hitler's 'consent']. FDR's offense was that he refused to approve their COVER AGENCY, the CIA. [Not the agent level generally. The liaison and intermediate levels with some key men at the top levels, particularly in Covert Ops.] GEHLEN ran the American, AS WELL AS THE European 'security' operations until his death in '79. Their 'assassination' techniques for those who get in the way begin with character assassination. When that fails, they train and finance real assassins who generally do not use bullets these days. The favored methods are carefully tailored to the victims' medical files to make death look 'natural' through barely-detectable chemicals that artificially cause heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages, Alzheimer disease, leukemia, & brain tumors.