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During W.W.II the Group arranged through the GERMAN war machine and von Ribbentrop's 'diplomacy' to loot the treasuries of Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands, other states and the gold and jewels once owned by murdered Jews. Gehlen oversaw the 'Odessa' operation in about 1942-45 in which most of the bullion, stolen art, and the Jews' gold was shipped by various means to ARGENTINA. The missing gold alone, in PRE-1939 DOLLARS, was worth $600 million. [Go look up what pre-'39 $ are worth. Multiply it out.] Since then the Group has used the bullion cache as credit for its operations, including ECONOMIC WARFARE against the US. It remained in ARGENTINA at least until both of the Per_ns were in power. Bormann was one of the Nazis who controlled access to it in Argentina, but I suspect the former Argentine WWII Nazi espionage chief, Johannes Siegfried Becker, played a big role. [Bullion site switched after Per_ns. I suspect to Venezuela, based on a meeting between my informant and Becker in Venezuela in the late 1970s.]
In addition, a good part of the funding over the years has come from large-scale diversions of funds from all major treasuries in the western world. I believe the principal method involves diverting cash credits for funds coming into the government through the Group's control of central banks like the Federal Reserve & apparent subversion of agency accounting chiefs. My informant has also identified the names of several of the top men in IRS and Treasury FMS. The 'skim' appears to be about .5% of all incoming funds. My informant states that a significant portion of the diverted funds go to campaign funds for members of Congress as 'protection' or the like. So there is no one in the Government who has much interest in looking into this diversion. Even those in Congress who are 'clean' are typically co-opted by promises of more power or are just squelched.
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