The Point

Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

October, 1954


It is approaching election time all across the nation and doubtless there are many of our readers who are faced with a situation like the one we have here in Massachusetts: a Thirty-third Degree Freemason, Christian A. Herter, is asking Catholic voters to grant him another term as governor.

From an official Catholic handbook on Freemasonry, published with the Imprimatur of the Archbishop of Dublin, we are warned that every Mason of Governor Herter’s Scottish Rite goes through the following ceremony on his way up to the Thirty-third Degree.

The candidate is placed before a coffin, at the foot of which are arranged three skulls. The central skull, representing the Masonic hero, Jacques de Molay, is crowned with laurel. The other two skulls bear, respectively, a king’s crown and a papal tiara. Before the skull of de Molay, the candidate genuflects. Then, raising a knife and chanting, “Hatred and death to despotism,” he stabs, first, the skull of the king, and then the skull of the Pope!

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It has been the consistent policy of the Catholic Church to counsel her children in political matters whenever there is a danger to Catholic Faith or Morals. Thus it happened, for example, that the Fourth Lateran Council (Cap. 69) issued this decree, which is binding on all Catholics:
“Jews should not be placed in public offices, since it is most absurd that a blasphemer of Christ should exercise power over Christians.”


Ever since Columbus returned to Spain and told his news, America — and specifically the United States of America — has been looked on as the land of opportunity. Though this title has been variously interpreted, according to the various ambitions of men, always, for those with the Faith, it has had the basic signification of a vast new land waiting to be won to Christ and His Church.

In the beginning, while America was still being explored by the French and the Spaniards, it looked as though the country was going to become Catholic as a matter of course. But between the time America was explored and the time it was colonized, Europe was split by a revolt from the True Church; and it was the revolters, the heretics, who first came to establish themselves in what was to be the United States.

That explains why this country was not Catholic from the start. But there are other, later causes to explain why it has never become so. And among such causes none is more decisive than this: the gullibility of American Catholics in being taken in by the enemies of their Faith.

The natural tendency of Catholics to be unsuspicious and unskeptical has in this country been carried to the most fantastic, disastrous extremes. Living in a society fiercely anti-Christian, American Catholics have behaved like children in the care of a group of saintly nuns. They have scorned the notion that there could be any determined enemies of the Church among their fellow citizens, much more agents of a conspiracy set on its utter destruction. Credulous and trusting, they have been prey both to the Masons and, even more devastatingly, to the Jews.

The great, essential fact about the Jews, patent not only in their everyday utterances and activities, but in their official documents as well, is that they are the sworn enemies of Christianity, and are constantly driven with the wild, frenzied aim of destroying it. To this fact American Catholics (not all, indeed, but enough to warrant the generalization) have been oblivious. They have fallen head over heels for those subterfuges by which the Jews shield themselves. Examples: (1) the Jewish slogan “regardless of race, color, or creed,” which implies that a man is no more responsible for the last item than for the first two, and which protects the Jews to practice their hatred of Jesus without reproach; (2) the familiar cry of “anti-semitism,” the Jews’ proclamation of “Hands off!” to any who would expose or thwart their endeavors.

Because the Jews are religiously forbidden to put any interest or loyalty above their race, they are, irremediably, a nation apart. They may inhabit a country, may be called its citizens, but they never consider themselves as belonging to it. Yet American Catholics, by virtue of their staggering gullibility, have allowed the Jews not only to pursue their Judaic ends, but to do so under the guise of being good Americans.

If, for instance, there is an important case before the courts involving a matter such as the censorship of blasphemous and obscene literature, the Jews will be found frantically concerned. Top Jewish lawyers from all over the country will appear in the courtroom, retained by no one, but there simply as “friends of the court,” to write their briefs and offer their counsel, by way of showing that censorship ought to be removed. When the Jews protest that their interest in the case is merely to preserve the American principle of “freedom of expression,” American Catholics take them at their word — unaware that the Jews’ real concern is just to drive in one more wedge to separate America from Christianity.

By being so totally off-guard, American Catholics have left themselves open to the assaults of the Jews in a hundred different ways. The clothes that Jews design, Catholics have accepted as being merely modern and American, not suspecting that these clothes have been foisted on the country for the purpose of demoralizing and degrading it. The moving picture and television shows that the Jews present, Catholics have taken to be merely entertainment, not suspecting that these shows serve the purpose of indoctrination. The newspapers that the Jews control, Catholics have trusted to report the straight news, not suspecting that these newspapers slant the news in order to create the impressions and the interests and the attitudes that the Jews want created.

It is obvious to American Catholics that the state of their country is becoming daily more foul and corrupt. It is, or ought to be, equally obvious that the Jewish grip on the country is becoming daily tighter and more secure. So far, American Catholics have not put these two things together. But because they are becoming worried, and anxious to do something about the state of their country, the possibility looms that American Catholics might soon come to the clear, glaring conclusion implied in these premises.

And if that day comes, and American Catholics once and for all remove the wool from their eyes and set out resolutely to combat the purposes and influences of the Jews, they might succeed in converting America at last. For there is something in the character of this country that the Jews have not yet been able to reach, something that is young, and innocent, and hungry for the Faith. This is still, if we hurry, the land of opportunity.


One of the leading clerical proponents of Liberalism in this country is Monsignor Matthew Smith, Editor of the Denver Register, published in Colorado.

In a recent issue of the Denver Register under the heading: “Everybody Who Is Saved Does It In The Catholic Way,” Monsignor Smith lets his readers be assured that those who live and die outside the Catholic Church can attain salvation. The defined dogmas of the Church on this subject he makes mean the very opposite of what they say.

Here are some of the statements Monsignor Smith allows to be printed in his paper, to each of which I shall give a reply.

Monsignor Smith: “If a man through no fault of his own remains outside the Church, he may be saved if he leads a God-fearing life.”

Reply: This is not true. Nor is it possible for one to lead a God-fearing life rightly outside the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ is the God now to be feared in order to save one’s soul. He is our Emmanuel, our God-with-us, and must be feared in the manner He has commanded. No other so-called fear of God will do. Jesus, Our Savior, has said of Himself: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” His justices and mercies in the matter of salvation must be left to His Wisdom, and not tampered with by our own sentimentalities. An infant who dies unbaptized remains outside the Church through no fault of his own, and is not saved.

Monsignor Smith: “Such a one to all intents and purposes wishes to believe and do what God has taught.”

Reply: Faith is not a wish to believe. Faith is an act of belief arising out of a Divinely infused virtue. Nor does one get to Heaven by wishing to do what Christ commanded. One gets there by doing it.

Monsignor Smith: “The majority of men who have been brought up in heresy think they belong to the true Church.”

Reply: The majority of men who have been brought up in heresy do not think they belong to the true Church. All heretics maintain that there is no such thing as one true Church to which all should belong. This is quintessential American Protestantism, and the reason for its two hundred and sixty or more sects.

Monsignor Smith: “Their error is not due to hatred of God.”

Reply: Their error is due to hatred of what God has revealed, in such essentials as the supreme jurisdiction and infallibility of our Holy Father, the Pope, and the Divine Maternity of the ever-Blessed Virgin Mary. Protestants hate these two, and therefore hate the God who revealed them.

Monsignor Smith: “A man who leads a good life and has a love of God in his heart and dies repentant is saved, but he is a Catholic in desire, if not in fact.”

Reply: Every Protestant will resent Monsignor Smith’s calling him a Catholic either in desire or in fact. Imagine dragging into the Catholic Church those who loathe the very notion of it!

Monsignor Smith: “Saint Peter said, ‘In every nation he that feareth God and worketh justice is acceptable to Him.’ (Acts 10:35)”

Reply: Saint Peter, in Acts 10:35, was speaking about those who are acceptable for Baptism, and thereby for membership in the Catholic Church, as anyone can clearly see who will take the time to read the chapter Monsignor refers to.

Monsignor Smith: “Those outside the Church, however, no matter how good, are deprived of many graces obtainable only through the Church.”

Reply: Among the “many graces” of which those outside the Church are deprived, I might mention: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Father, and Mary, the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Holy Mother of God who prays “for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”


Across the street from us, here at Saint Benedict Center, Harvard University has settled down for another academic year. And for the first time in many such years, Harvard’s faculty is minus one of its most notorious members — that supreme potentate of anthropology, the late Professor Earnest A. Hooton.

It was Dr. Hooton’s fashion, each year at this time, to open the anthropology lectures with one of his stories. These varied little in their slant, and the following, by virtue of repetition, was quite likely his favorite.

With a suggestion of Oxford in his accent, Dr. Hooton would say, “I had best start, perhaps, by telling you about a conversation I had, a few years back, with a sweet young thing from our sister institution, Radcliffe. This girl — an Irish girl, I believe — approached me on the opening day of the semester and somewhat flusteredly announced that she had signed up for my course. ‘But I do hope, Professor Hooton,’ she went on, ‘I do hope that you’re not going to tell me in your anthropology lectures that my soul evolved!’ Mustering what I imagined might sound like a father-confessor’s most comforting tone, I reassured the red-faced young lady by saying, ‘Now, now, my child, don’t you fret. I’m going to tell you that you have no soul at all!’ ”

With the stage thus set, Earnest Hooton was launched on another season of instructing young men and women that their remote grandfathers were all soulless, simian tree-dwellers.

Who, you may well ask, is ultimately responsible for men like Hooton? Who fosters them, builds them up, and encourages the public to listen while they speak any absurdity and blasphemy that enters their heads? To whose advantage is it that Christian society be so corrupted, Christian values debunked? Whose policy is it that Christian men be made to believe they are merely animals?

Back in February of 1936, the Catholic Gazette of London, a monthly published by England’s Catholic Missionary Society, printed an article which contains a very conclusive answer to these questions, particularly as they apply to Dr. Hooton. The article was entitled “The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church,” and it consisted of extracts from speeches made as a convention in Paris of B’nai B’rith, the exclusively Jewish branch of Freemasonry. In one of these speeches an exultant Jew went on record as saying: “We Jews have spread the spirit of revolt and false liberalism among the nations of the gentiles so as to persuade them away from their faith and even to make them ashamed of professing the precepts of their religion and obeying the commandments of their Church. We have brought many of them to boast of being atheists, and more than that, to glory in being descendants of the ape!”

Whether or not Earnest Hooton was a Jew (and there are arguments on both sides) is irrelevant. The historical fact is that he well served the cause of International Jewry in its effort to dupe the gentiles with that basic tenet of Talmudic Judaism: “We are the human beings. The gentiles are animals.”

As a fitting postscript to Dr. Hooton, right after his death one of the principal Jewish hoaxes for establishing the authenticity of anthropology, was exposed. At a meeting of the Geological Society in London, it was announced that the famous “Piltdown Man,” for forty years a foundation of anthropological theory, the hero of scores of high-school “science” books, the trusted friend of hundreds of Hooton disciples, was a complete fraud! The sham was explained in detail by the director of the British Museum, who described how the skull had been “doctored up and planted,” how the teeth had been artificially colored with oil paint, and how the bone implements found with the Piltdown remains had clearly been carved with a twentieth century kitchen knife.

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