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Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

January, 1955


Of the 1,800 executives employed at United Nations headquarters in New York City, over 1,200 are Jews.

In its current report in the American Jewish Yearbook, the American Jewish Committee labels opposition to the United Nations as anti-semitism.

David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the State of Israel, told American newsmen in an interview in 1948, “The United Nations ideal is a Jewish ideal.”

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Every day there is new evidence that the American people are waking up to the fact that World Communism is a movement fostered and run by Jews. But, even more urgent for Americans to know, and much less publicized, is the fact that the Jews are likewise the promoters of the United Nations.

Whatever the apparent differences between these two Jewish projects, the U. N. and Communism (and the differences are only apparent), one similarity is overwhelmingly evident. Both the U. N. and Communism are means to the establishment of a central and absolute world control — which control is precisely what the Jews want.

For twenty centuries the Jewish nation has toiled to destroy in the world the Kingship of Jesus Christ. And to seal this destruction, the Jews have plotted a world Jewish empire, dominating all the nations of the earth, so that the message of Christ the King will be forever stifled.

To this silencing of Christian apostles, all Jews are urged in their prime source of religious counsel, the Talmud. And, concerning this Jewish determination, Saint Paul warns in his First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Chapter 2: “The Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; prohibiting us to speak to the Gentiles that they may be saved.”

The Obstacle

In order to make the U. N. work for their purpose, the Jews knew from the start that the United States of America would be a chief obstacle. America’s traditional wariness of foreign entanglements (which accounted for the failure of the old League of Nations) would have to be eliminated. And there was a deeper reason for concentrating on America.

When the smoke of World War II cleared away, the Jews rejoiced to see how much they had accomplished in their ancient battle against Christ and His Church. In all of the leading nations of the earth, the Catholic Faith had been tragically devitalized, or had disappeared entirely. In only one of the strong nations of the world was there any chance that the Faith might take hold of the people. America, with its 50,000 Catholic priests, its 150,000 nuns, and its abundance of Catholic churches and schools, needed only the spark of a few zealous apostles to be set ablaze with Catholic belief. If the U. N. Jews were to bring America into line, they would have to work quickly. And they did.

Selling the U. S. the U. N.

One of the surest ways of getting the U. S. into the U. N. was to get the U. N. into America. The Jews realized that it would be difficult for America suddenly to pull out of the U. N. once the organization was firmly established on the banks of New York’s East River.

And quite as effectively, the Jews prepared the way for the U. N.’s “one world” idea by a long and concentrated indoctrination of the American people with purposeful Jewish slogans. Through all public media, Americans were told that everyone ought to be like everyone else, that nationality, race, and religion have no real significance and should be set aside for the sake of achieving what the Jews called “Brotherhood.”

Thus, it happened that when the U. N. came into being, the American people were quite prepared to accept an organization that was nation-less, race-less, and creed-less. And the Jews turned their publicizing energies to an all-out, pro-U. N. campaign. Professor Mortimer Adler, noted Jewish intellectual, voiced the official Jewish line when he said, “We must do everything we can to abolish the United States. The only answer to the threat of atomic war is world government.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Oct. 23, 1945).

Propaganda for the U. N. was an openly Jewish enterprise, and every Jew, whether officially attached to the U. N. or not, was on call to lend his propagandizing talents. A member of the American Jewish Committee was given by UNESCO the express job of developing a “nation-wide educational program” for promoting U. N. aims and principles. And supervising all phases of the effort to win America to the U. N. was the Jew, Benjamin Cohen, head of the United Nations Department of Public Information.

The Deception

The ultimate appeal in all this Jewish propaganda was that the U. N., and only the U. N., could guarantee peace to America. War-weary Americans, even those who were unmoved by the Jews’ earlier “Brotherhood” slogans, turned eagerly to the U. N., trusting that it was, as advertised, an organization “determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”

After nine years of U. N. peace-promotion, however, during which billions of American dollars have been spent in arming the world, and tens of thousands of American boys have been wounded and killed on foreign battlefields, the American people are coming to realize that they have been the victims of a colossal deceit.

The true nature of this deceit is yet to be grasped by most Americans. For the U. N. is not, as might be supposed, a peace movement which failed. The U. N. is a sinister design for governing the day-to-day activities of the peoples of all nations.

The U. N. is a world revolution.

The Threat

Peacefully, without firing a shot, the U. N. is now poised to accomplish the ancient Talmudic purposes of the Jewish nation: the crushing of the Catholic Church and the establishment of a central Jewish world control. Although the real intent of the U. N. has been most deliberately hidden, Americans are becoming daily more alerted to this intent and to the peril which threatens their country.

Even more urgent, however, is the necessity that American Catholics be made aware of all that will befall their Church, if the U. N. plot is successful. To its readers, therefore, The Point offers a summary of what the U. N. intends for them — as Americans and, more intimately, as Catholics.

The U. N. Versus Americans

The only way for the U. N. to conduct a bloodless revolution in America is to get the American Government to consent, somehow, to its own destruction. By taking advantage of a vulnerable clause in our Constitution, the Jews have found a way of obtaining such consent, through the instrumentality of U. N. Covenants. These are ordinances which would inflict upon America a whole new way of life, and which are proposed to our country under the guise of treaties.

The American Constitution contains the express provision that any treaty which is ratified by the United States Senate becomes a part of the internal law of the country. Indeed, it becomes, in effect, superior to the Constitution itself — so that rights guaranteed to Americans by their Constitution could be taken away from them by properly ratified treaties. And for a treaty to be ratified and become the law of the land, not even a quorum of voting Senators is necessary. All that is required is that two-thirds of the Senators present in the Senate Chamber, at any given time, vote in its favor. On June 13, 1952, for example, three treaties were ratified with only two Senators present in the Senate.

Thus, if a U. N. Covenant-treaty were introduced on a quiet summer afternoon, when only three members were present in the Senate, it would require the assenting vote of only two of the Senators to impose upon the American people some major portion of the Jews’ unbloody revolution.

Here are some representative examples of what will happen if the U. N. Covenant-treaties — many of which are now pending before the U. S. Senate — should be ratified.

1. The Bill of Rights in our American Constitution will be supplanted by the U. N. Covenant of Human Rights. This means that our present unqualified guarantees of free speech, press, and assembly will be, according to the terms of the Covenant, “subject to certain penalties, liabilities, and restrictions.”

2. Judges in American courts will be forced to make their decisions in conformity with U. N.-dictated principles. A preview of this came in the recent Fuji case, when a California court overrode a state law on the grounds that it seemed to conflict with the United Nations Charter.

3. American citizens will be obliged to obey laws imposed upon them by the U. N. and, for violating these laws, will be liable to trial by international courts. By way of preparing the people for this situation, certain internationalists in our government have lately arranged that American troops stationed in foreign countries should be subject both to the laws of those countries and to legal prosecution in their courts.

4. All American gold resources will be taken over by a central monetary control. The U. N. has already demonstrated how generous it can be with the money of American taxpayers. Under the auspices of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association, U. S. currency plates, plus supplies of Treasury Department ink and paper, were handed over to the Russians, with no control over the amount of American-backed money which they could print. This project was the brain-child of the Treasury Department Jews, Harry Dexter White and Harold Glasser, and received the quiet blessing of Jewish UNRRA head, Herbert Lehman.

5. American soldiers will be part of an international military pool. They will be obliged to fight under the leadership of U. N. Generals, against whatever enemy the U. N. may designate, even if that enemy be the U. S. A.

6. The U. N. will reserve the right, under its “full employment” program, to tell a man what job he must work at, what wages he must receive, and in what part of what country he must find employment.

7. Under the U. N.’s World Health Program, there will be mandatory, standardized Government care for everyone suffering from “any morbid condition, whatever its cause, from birth to death.” This program of socialized medicine further provides for mass inoculations, the killing of incurables, and a system for “planned populations,” which will mean birth control in some areas, and baby-bonuses in others.

8. The U. N. will establish a universal and compulsory system of education designed to safeguard and perpetuate its own regime. By provision of the U. N. Charter, education shall “promote understanding ... and further the activities of the United Nations.” Illustrative of what tone this mental regimentation will take was the announcement that the U. N.’s official history of the world was to be entrusted to the celebrated atheist, Julian Huxley.

Thus, by American adoption of U. N. Covenant-treaties, American citizens will become citizens of the world, and the Jews will have triumphed in their bloodless revolution.

The U. N. Versus Catholics

Just as the U. N. will require that America be stripped of her individuality and sovereignty, and permitted to keep only those political and cultural features which she might have in common with Communists and Zulus, so also will the U. N. demand that the Catholic Church be purged of her singular and intransigent doctrines and allowed only those basic expressions of religion which she might appear to share with Mohammedans and Holy Rollers. For, in the coming revolution, the religious effect of the U. N. Covenant-treaties will be to enforce, as rigid law, those “Brotherhood” slogans which the Jews have so widely propagated in our country.

No longer will the Jews merely suggest that “It makes no difference what a man believes.” They will insist that this is so, and establish proper penalties for any Catholic priest who, convinced that what a man believes makes all the difference in the world, is determined to convert his fellow Americans to the Catholic Faith.

“One religion is as good as another” will cease to be a glib, billboard sentiment. It will become a stern, inflexible law. To administer this law, the Jews will have to suppress our parochial schools, not only because they teach that the Catholic Church is the only true one, but because by their very existence, they proclaim that the religion of a Catholic child is something so precious and unique that it justifies his being guarded and set apart from other children.

And for the legal enforcement of the Jews’ “tolerance” slogans, U. N. Covenant-treaties make clear provision that no religious utterances, ceremonies, or symbols shall discriminate against, or cause “mental harm” to, members of other religious groups. Already the Jews have indicated what they mean by this. Abundantly they have protested that Crucifixes, New Testaments, and public mentions of Jesus Christ are incitements to anti-semitism and slights to the Jewish community.

Here are two recent, frightening examples of how far the “one world” Jews intend to go:

1. They have filed an international protest against the traditional, Catholic Passion Play of Oberammergau, charging that it “leads to anti-semitism.”

2. They have succeeded in removing the white crosses which marked the graves of American war dead in the National Memorial Cemetery in Hawaii. Our Defense Department explained that this removal of Christian symbols was “a trend of the times.”

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The Jews’ bloodless revolution is imminent. They are about to do away with our nation and our Faith. And yet, to stay the onslaught, we need only alerted American Catholics, re-determined to convert their country to the cause of Christ the King, Who, in patient majesty, is waiting in the tabernacles of Catholic Churches all across our land.
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