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Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

March, 1955


Some Current Threats to Our Faith and Country

Last month The Point observed its third birthday, and, standing back to take a good look at ourselves, we resolved that our next issue should pay tribute to that invention of ours which has served us so faithfully these many months, that most obliging of literary forms, the Pointer. It was not long ago that a subscriber from Notre Dame, a chemist by vocation, wrote to us that our Pointers column never failed to stagger him. “My mind fairly quakes” he said, “at the thought of what forces of energy are required to compress so much venom into so few words.” At the risk of irreparable mental harm to our quivering correspondent, we are printing this month an entire issue of Pointers, which, by our own definition, are: individual items of brief length, single message and evident meaning, designed for use as weapons in that ancient Christian enterprise of “fighting the good fight and keeping the Faith.”

*   *   *   *   *   
The Vatican has caused a healthy furor by its recent demand that Catholics in England withdraw immediately from the Council of Christians and Jews. It is to the credit of English Catholics that they have withdrawn, albeit under protest. And it was with sympathy that we read the statement of one Catholic leader in England who, while agreeing to leave the Council, boldly pointed a finger at the U. S. A., and inquired of the Vatican, “But what about them?”

The Holy See has been notably silent on America’s National Conference of Christians and Jews, a counterpart of the Council of Christians and Jews of England. Thus far, Rome has not explicitly demanded that American Catholics get out of the N.C.C.J. Vatican delay in this regard is not edifying, but it is a bit understandable. Back in 1951, when the Vatican ordered all Catholic priests to get out of Rotary Clubs, and “advised” laymen to do the same, Church authorities in this country (“the most Rotary Club nation on earth”) conspicuously ignored the order. In withholding its ban against America’s National Conference of Christians and Jews, Rome perhaps wants to spare itself the embarrassment of once again being snubbed by the American hierarchy.

*   *   *   *   *   
In the eyes of compromising Catholics, The Point ’s irremissible sin has been to assume that when Our Holy Father the Pope defines something infallibly, he means what he says. We insist, for example, that the following three popes, in the three following definitions, have said exactly what they mean to say, and mean exactly what they have said.

Pope Innocent Ill, at the Fourth Lateran Ecumenical Council, in the year 1215, speaking infallibly, “There is only one universal Church of the faithful and outside of it none at all can be saved.”

Pope Boniface VIII, in his bull, Unam Sanctam, dated 1302, speaking infallibly, “We declare, say, define and pronounce that it is wholly necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

Pope Eugene IV, in his bull Cantate Domino, dated 1441, speaking infallibly, “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and teaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but that they will go into eternal fire, ‘which was prepared for the devil and his angels,’ unless before death they are joined with Her; and that so important is the unity of this ecclesiastical body that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the Sacraments of the Church unto salvation, and they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgiving, their other works of Christian piety, and the duties of a Christian soldier. No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church.”

*   *   *   *   *   
The Archdiocese of Boston has a new Auxiliary Bishop, Most Reverend Jeremiah Minihan, and he was lately honored by Boston’s Jewish community at a much-publicized reception in Temple Ohabei Shalom. We have every reason to predict that this is but the beginning of a long and intimate association. Those close to Bishop Minihan have even hinted that His Excellency would like to do for the Jews of Boston what his senior in the episcopacy, Bishop Bernard Sheil, has done for the Jews of Chicago. If our new Auxiliary has indeed set himself such a goal, may we respectfully remind him of the enormity of the task which lies ahead.

To begin with, Bishop Sheil of Chicago has been willing to devote his full time to the Jews. Will Bishop Minihan be that attentive? Boston’s sensitive Jewish community will be quick to detect any half-heartedness on the new Bishop’s part. Further, Bishop Sheil has a familiar knowledge of Jewish religious ritual and synagogue procedure. He has high-level connections with world Jewry. Henry Morgenthau made him an official government “consultant.” Chaim Weizmann, Felix Frankfurter, Stephen Wise, and Harry Dexter White have been his close friends. Has Boston’s new Auxiliary Bishop, for all his good will toward the Jews, such qualifications as these?

And beyond these considerations, Bishop Minihan has the added handicap of living in a city whose Catholic traditions in the matter of Jews are much more rigid than those of Chicago. Bishop Sheil, for example, could get away with being the honorary pallbearer at the funeral of a Chicago rabbi who publicly called Jesus Christ an illegitimate child “forced to look to Heaven for a Father.” But will the Catholics of Boston allow Bishop Miniban to go that far in his program of kindness to the Jews?

*   *   *   *   *   
Pedro Cardinal Segura, Archbishop of Seville in Spain, has long been a favorite target for the sneers and smears of the American press. This has been the fruit of his stubborn Catholicity — a quality indicated in a letter written by Cardinal Segura early this year to a friend of ours, a concerned American Catholic mother. It concludes thus:
“What you tell me about that priest being condemned for defending the Dogma of the Faith, that ‘outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation,’ is very strange indeed, since that has always been taught in the Catholic Schools and the most authoritative Catholic theologians of the past hold the very same thing.

“I am deeply grateful for the cards of Our Lady you sent me, and very affectionately I bless you ... ”

The letter is signed, simply, “The Cardinal.” And for the beleaguered Catholics of Seville, we pray that the fury of American Masons and Jews will not prevail, and that Pedro Segura will remain, in the fullness of his authority, “The Cardinal.”

*   *   *   *   *   
It is not without cause that the Jews of America are still bewailing the rise and rule of Adolph Hitler. The late German dictator played upon the Jews a most malicious trick. Right from under their noses, Hitler stole the Jews’ we-have-been-chosen-to-rule-the-world ideology and applied it to the Aryan Germans, who took it up with remarkable gusto, and with tragic results.

Yet, to Hitler, the Jews of America are indebted for a particular phase of their super-race tactics which they had never before fully developed. Hitler’s effectiveness was in large part due to his maintenance of an undercover police force, the dreaded Gestapo. Sensing the value of such an organization, American Jews determined to expand one of their already existing agencies, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, giving it all the force of Hitler’s secret police.

This expansion began in 1941, when the Anti-Defamation League’s annual budget of $125,000 was increased to $800,000. With additional budget boosts in the years that followed, the ADL now supports a network of more than 2,000 active agents, who carry out, in every major American community, the League’s nervous program of snooping and intimidation. The ADL keeps dossiers on tens of thousands of American citizens, and the present extent of its Gestapo activities may be judged by the following alarming discovery: Over the coming twelve-month period, the ADL will have at its disposal a sum which is nearly twice the amount allotted to the U. S. Government’s F.B.I. during an average peacetime year.

*   *   *   *   *   
Harvard University managed to survive and thrive from the year 1636 until our own day, mainly by taking care that, no matter what fashions or fads it observed on the surface, it was always guided ultimately by a set of shrewd Yankee maxims. Among these, none was so carefully heeded as a salutary admonition to guard against the encroachments of the Jews (“Who would keep his place, should beware of that race”). Accordingly, Harvard ordained a policy, and quietly but effectively carried it out, of admitting each year only as many of this rapacious people as could be kept well under control.

Today, however, such restrictions are no more. Because the Jews realized they were not wanted at Harvard, they determined to force themselves in. With threats of bad publicity and legal prosecution, they kept hammering at the university’s locked doors, and eventually battered them down.

What few vestiges still remain of pre-Hebrew Harvard are steadily disappearing. For despite the Jewish students’ sporting of white shoes and gray flannels (by way of going “Ivy League”), their racial characteristics have remained firmly intact. Harvard, on the other hand, has undergone a most thorough and amazing transformation. In a recent article on religion among the students, the Harvard Crimson, the university’s undergraduate daily, remarked that “today Harvard is Episcopalian and Jewish run.”

That such a statement can now be publicly made is probably the most striking evidence of the Jews’ achievement. As for the Episcopalians: to be thus yoked to the despised invaders of their household is a fitting fate for these tea-sippers, who long ago renounced the Vicar of Christ, and decided that their own resources would be quite sufficient for coping with the affairs of God and man.

*   *   *   *   *   
To American newspaper-readers, flashy young Roy Cohn seemed to be a rare find. Here, at long last, was a Jew who was not true to type. While openly professing his Jewishness, Cohn was, apparently, a fervent anti-communist, a loyal and devoted American, a server of other causes than the single one of fostering and promoting Jewry.

Cohn’s record, said his enthusiastic admirers, was clear and impeccable. Nor, they pointed out, was there any difficulty in examining that record. For even the Jewish press, which had gone so hard on Senator McCarthy himself, seemed to sense Roy’s worth, and had given his speeches full and friendly coverage.

Lately, however, there has come some disquieting news for those who had thought slick-haired Roy Cohn was “not like other Jews.” Is seems he belonged to something called the American Jewish League Against Communism, and it was at the urgent recommendation of this group that he had been forced on the McCarthy Committee. The purpose of AJLAC is to present an array of prominent Jews (Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, columnist George Sokolsky, et al.) who are “violently anti-communist.” It hopes thereby to dislodge the notion, now looming large in Gentile minds, that Communism is a Jewish movement; for it was this notion, and not Communism itself, that the AJLAC was established to destroy.

But the most startling revelation concerning the AJLAC, and member Roy Cohn, was the news that a certain powerful and sinister old man is its guiding spirit and financial mainstay. This hoary Jew has long been recognized as the prime mover in the United States — if not in the world — for extending Jewish domination. It is also known that whatever cause he may support, he does so ultimately for the attainment of this end. Thus, not many years ago, in Spain, he was supporting and financing the notoriously Communist-controlled Abraham Lincoln Brigade. His name: Bernard Baruch.

*   *   *   *   *   
The letters POAU are the identifying initials of an organization which calls itself, “Protestants and Other Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.” The “Church” referred to in this title is, of course, the Catholic Church. And the group indefinitely lumped together as “Other Americans” is, we are not surprised to learn, the Jews.

One of the principal pushers of POAU’s anti-Catholic program is the high-strung and aggressive American Jewish Congress. In charge of POAU’s written propaganda department is a descendent of Talmudic rabbis, whose name is Lichtenstein. From top to bottom, the POAU set-up is a faithful reflection of the tactics of the Jews in their ancient assault on the Church of Christ. Since the times of the earliest heresies, through the successive attacks of the Arians, the Mohammedans, the Schismatic Greeks, the Albigensians, the Lutherans, and the Freemasons, the part played by Jews is clear and consistent. The Jews will encourage, finance, sharpen the pencils and empty the wastebaskets for any Gentile movement which shows promise of doing damage to the Catholic Church.

The Point is confident, however, that the Jewish impetus behind Protestantism — the drive to promote an heretical, divided Christianity — may one day, soon, boomerang and be the Jews’ undoing. American Protestants are coming to see that the refuge and the restorative for their crippled Christian nation, and their vanished Christian culture, does not lie in a revival of the Jew-encouraged “protestings” of the so-called Reformation. Is takes little deliberation to conclude that the way to dislodge the Jews is not by rallying to a movement which was, at its very Outset, engineered by them.

The Catholic Church (traditional restrainer of the Jews, establisher of the ghettos and the glorious Inquisition) alone has the answer that American Protestants are seeking. And at the conclusion of this search of theirs, there awaits, paradoxically, a Jewish Maiden despised by the Jews, the Blessed Mother of God, to whose Holy and Immaculate Conception this should-be Christian nation was long ago dedicated.

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