The Point

Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

September, 1955


Do you know that there are 23 Catholic bishops in the state of New York?

Do you know that the city of Chicago has 244 Catholic churches?

Do you know that in California alone the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered 2,500 times every morning?

Do you know that the Archdiocese of Boston has 295,666 students enrolled in Catholic education?

We could go on for several more pages with an abundance of such figures. [In the United States, there are 4 cardinals, 34 archbishops, 170 bishops, 22,818 churches, 46,970 priests, 8,752 lay brothers, 158,069 sisters, 247 colleges, and 11,784 elementary and high schools.] And, by sheer force of statistics, we could surely strike mortal terror into the hearts of those Ku-Klux-Klan Americans who periodically holler about a “Popish plot” to take over the good old U. S. A.!

Actually, we Catholics are plotting. We do have predatory designs on our country: we intend to make it a Catholic one. Our present, pressing headache, however, is that despite the awesome strength of our numbers, despite our copious canonical equipment — buildings and birettas and baptismal fonts — our plans are not going forward. Indeed, the alarming fact remains that every day America is becoming less and less Christian.

That this collapse is our responsibility, we admit. That it is due solely to our lack of zeal, we qualify with the following consideration: While we are sleeping, there is a wide-awake force hard at work. While we are failing to repair and expand those structures of our country which are Christian, other hands are setting out to smash and scatter them.

In a very real sense, of course, the current onslaught of the Jews, against anything American that is also Christian, can be blamed on our country’s initial and short-sighted generosity to the Jews. Ignoring the example of all Christendom before it, young and trustful America decided that, in its Christian midst, Jews should be allowed to have that which all the Western World had previously denied to them — citizenship, and an equal standing before the law.

*   *   *   *   *   
We American Catholics do not need that learned bishop and theologian, Saint Hilary of Poitiers, to warn us (as he does in his Tractatus Mysteriorum) that “The Jews are always seething to slaughter the Christian people.” Every day we are coming to see more clearly for ourselves how the Jews are maneuvering to destroy all trace of what is Christian in our land. In the campaign to strip us of our New Testament sense of purity, for example, the Jews are boldly battling right out in public. Through their iron grip on such industries as clothing, entertainment, and pulp magazines, they are bombarding us with nakedness in dress, lewdness in movies, stage, and television shows, and unashamed filthiness in the fare of every corner newsstand.

For the vital task of de-Christianizing America, the Jews are not, however, relying solely on such hit-or-miss devices as clothing styles and entertainments. If the assault on Christian morals should leave them still short of their goal, the Jews count on bringing America into line by the simple expedient of rewriting the nation’s laws.

This is the motive behind the hordes of sharpfaced, briefcased Semites who have been storming our courtrooms from Tampa to Tacoma, besieging the judges with opinions and advice — which they are pleased to offer gratuitously, “in the interests of community welfare.”

As a lever for directing society, the law is, of course, perfectly suited to Jewish needs and temperament. It enables the Jews to advance their Talmudic objectives by sure, unimpedable strides, and at the same time lets them remain safely secure from the scrutiny of the public.

Too, once they get their proposals on the statute-books, the Jews can retire quietly to the sidelines, leaving to others the obligation of enforcing the laws.

But if the Jews are less discernible in their legal skirmishings than in their peddling of impurity, their purposes are no less obscure. The cases in which they are interested — keenly, aggressively interested — and into which they unfailingly put their noses, requiring neither fee nor invitation to do so, are those cases in which some law based on Christian principle or tradition is being challenged. And if Jewish lawyers are unable to find a sufficient number of such cases ready-made, they are perfectly content to manufacture them. For, some years ago, the United States Supreme Court declared this to be a Christian nation, and it is the Jews’ resolute intention to oblige the Court to change its mind.

*   *   *   *   *   
Perhaps no law in our land has aroused Jewish wrath so sharply as the seemingly innocent one ordaining that the Christian Sabbath shall be a mandatory day of rest from buying and selling. Until recently this was enforced in every one of our forty-eight states, but today the Jews can point to substantial gains as a result of their ceaseless, tireless efforts to make Sunday, the sacrosanct day of the New Testament, just another twenty-four hours.

In Connecticut, for instance, a predominantly Catholic state, now presided over by a Jewish governor, a law has been put through the legislature providing that anyone who “believes that the Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday night and ends at sundown on Saturday night” may close his shop on Saturday and remain open all day Sunday. While in the Midwest, Sunday-selling has reached such a peak that the Ford Motor Company has found it necessary to print up large announcements to be placed in the windows of its Midwestern dealers, apologizing for the fact that despite the trend of the times, they are for the present continuing to take Sunday off.

*   *   *   *   *
One of the most rousing legal victories the Jews have thus far secured came with the recent Supreme Court decision in the so-called “Miracle Case.” This decision not only authorizes the Jews to keep the censor at arm’s length while they display their wares on stage and screen, but, even more importantly, it effectively removes two fundamental Christian concepts from the realm of American law — the traditional concepts of “blasphemy” and “sacrilege.”

The Miracle was a movie, made in Italy and purveyed by Jews in this country, which opened in New York in December, 1950. The pre-Christmas date, it turned out, had been chosen with care, for the film was nothing but a raucous guffaw at the notion that Our Blessed Lord had been born of a Virgin. Forced by public Catholic resentment, Cardinal Spellman trained his guns on the film and, a few weeks from the time it opened, the film was closed down by the censors of the New York Board of Education.

The Miracle ’s Jewish distributor, Joseph Burstyn, immediately launched a law suit against the censors, and the case went up to the U. S. Supreme Court. It was met at the door by Jewish Justice Felix Frankfurter, who greeted it as a quaint medieval visitor, not to be taken too seriously.

That The Miracle should be outlawed for being “sacrilegious” and “blasphemous” (which is what the New York censors said it was) met with Jewish Justice Frankfurter’s measured contempt. He agreed that back in the Catholic days of Saint Thomas Aquinas the words “blasphemy” and “sacrilege” may have had a precise meaning, but today, he said, there is no definition on which we can agree. In his long written opinion, Jewish Justice Frankfurter concluded, with Talmudic logic, that one man’s blasphemy might well be another man’s art. Therefore, he said, not only could The Miracle be shown in New York theatres, but henceforth the terms “blasphemy” and “sacrilege” could not be considered legitimate charges in American courtrooms.

*   *   *   *   *   
Here in Massachusetts, where local police officials still recall the days when Jewish Justice Frankfurter was the top-indoctrinator at the meetings of Harvard University’s communist cell, we have had more than our share of Jewish attacks on Christian-based laws. In a series of bitterly-fought cases, Boston Jews have been making war on a state adoption statute which, in effect, forbids the handing over of Christian children to Jewish foster-parents. How long the law will survive may be gauged by the fact that, of late, reinforcements have been sent up by the American Jewish Congress, whose New York lawyers are here for the express purpose of “getting results!”

The American Jewish Congress’ more domesticated companion, the American Jewish Committee, is likewise conducting a local campaign. Led by Herbert Ehrman, Boston’s ranking member of the Committee, the Jews want to pass legislation which will put a psychiatrist on duty in every Massachusetts courtroom. In line with the Jews’ nation-wide mania for “mental health,” and in the hope of creating more jobs for our inundation of Jewish psychiatrists, Mr. Ehrman is currently arguing that every Catholic boy who goes wrong needs the courtroom assistance of a Freudian Jew to set him on the right track.

*   *   *   *   *   
Although they were granted political equality by the United States Constitution, the Jews have long been keenly aware that equality on a cultural and social level is quite another thing. Those early Americans who agreed that Jews should be allowed to vote in our elections, by no means indicated, either by example or legislation, that they also felt that Jews should be encouraged to sit in our parlors, eat at our tables, marry our children, or otherwise penetrate behind that “Christian curtain” which has always instinctively separated the lovers of Christ from His crucifiers.

Since the drafting of the Constitution, there has been little change in the average American’s Semitic outlook. New York Rabbi, Mordecai Kaplan, in his recent book, The Future of the American Jew, has valiantly attempted to overcome his Hebraic jitters and evaluate the situation. “Almost ten percent of the American people,” he writes on page 95, “declare themselves anti-Semites, and harbor the criminally insane sentiment of wishing to destroy us. Twice that number are ready to join them on the flimsiest provocation. In the country as a whole, Jews are at best tolerated, but neither desired nor welcomed. Our best friends will forgive us our being Jews, but can seldom forget it.”

If Rabbi Kaplan is frankly pessimistic about the state of the nation’s anti-Semitism, his associates in the American Jewish Congress are quite as frankly determined that the situation can be remedied. These aggressive Jews have decided that the one sure way to get Americans to like them, to want them around, and to take them to their hearts, is to make any kind of discrimination against them a criminal offence, punishable by law! They are working night and day to push legislation that will forever crush a Christian American’s right to avoid the Jews — laws that will forbid a Christian to exclude from his hotel, his payroll, or his neighborhood club, any member of that deicide race which God has so emphatically rejected and cursed.

The American Jewish Congress’ chief legal concoction for furthering their program of “equality by statute” is a device called the Anti-Discrimination Commission. This bit of legalized Jewish elbowing is the pet project of Mr. Will Maslow, one of the Jewish Congress’ full-time lawyers, who has recently been plugging his Anti-Discrimination ideas before the United Nations at Geneva.

The effect of Mr. Maslow’s scheme is that anytime a Jew presents himself for a job in your company, a locker in your country club, a place in your school or college, etc., you must give it to him or suffer the consequences of fining and imprisonment. So far, Mr. Maslow has succeeded in getting versions of his Anti-Discrimination legislation adopted by the Federal government’s contract-granting agency and by a few of the individual state legislatures.

*   *   *   *   *
The current Jewish rush to remake our Christian laws is prompted by a vivid memory and a well-founded fear. The memory is of those countless regulations which every Catholic society, down through the ages of Faith, has imposed on the Jews to keep them well watched, well restrained, and very well segregated. The fear is of 32,000,000 American Catholics and of what would happen to the lately-won freedom of the Jews if this great block of Americans should suddenly decide that things had gone far enough — if American Catholics should conclude that, after all, the saints had a lot on their side when they said (as Saint Gregory of Nyssa did in his famous sermon on the Resurrection) that the Jews are nothing more than, “Slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, adversaries of God, haters of God, men who show contempt for the law, foes of grace, enemies of their fathers’ faith, advocates of the devil, brood of vipers, slanderers, scoffers, men whose minds are in darkness, leaven of the Pharisees, assemblies of demons, sinners, wicked men, stoners and haters of righteousness.”
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