The Point

Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

January, 1956


The Siege

It has been the repeated warning of a local rabbi named Joseph Shubow that, “Boston, Massachusetts, is a pivotal city for United States’ Jewry.” In plain American, what the rabbi means is that, “Unless we Jews can control the Catholic city of Boston, it will stand as a serious threat to our grip on the rest of the country.”

With this in mind, The Point has decided to start off the new year by sharing with its out-of-town readers some on-the-spot information about the full-scale Jewish siege of Boston Catholics. And siege it most decidedly has become, for Joseph Shubow’s spiritual children have taken his message to heart. They are fighting the “Battle of Boston” with dedicated zest, and if, as Shubow complains, some of the less zealous ones do occasionally sleep, we have yet to discover them at it.

An outland observer might well conclude to Boston’s Semitic beleaguerment merely from knowing the high concentration of Jews in the place. For, apart from the five-borough ghetto of New York, there is not one city among America’s forty largest which can surpass Boston’s nearly twenty-per-cent Jewish population.

To the vanishing Boston Brahmin, and the multiplying Boston Catholic, the Jewish assault is every day becoming more evident. Brandeis University, elbowing its way into Boston’s ivy-covered college clique, is a front-line division in the current Hebrew campaign. At the outset, Brandeis was scheduled to be “Einstein University,” until that frankly-Communist mathematician went into a pout over the appointment of a president. Einstein wanted bright-Red Harold Lasky to get the job, the directors thought the choice “imprudent.” Still, the latest appointment to Brandeis’ Jewish faculty is Dr. Felix Browder, son of Earl, the late head of the American Communist Party. This appointment got rave notices in the Boston press, as do all Brandeis activities. Recent sample: a photograph of Archbishop Richard J. Cushing eagerly attentive to the Semitic jesting of Brandeis Trustee Joseph Linsey, a local Jewish racketeer and racetrack owner.

A considerable weapon in the fight to gain control of the city has been an Interfaith organization called the Massachusetts Committee of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, founded by Boston Jew Ben Shapiro. This gentleman’s success came vividly home to The Point when a prominent pastor explained to us that he was obliged to attend a synagogue service because, “Ben Shapiro asked me to!”

On Boston’s chief downtown street, the Jews have lately dedicated the “Associated Synagogues Building,” whose street-level, store-front window boldly flaunts copies of the Talmud, the Jewish book so repeatedly condemned by the popes for containing, as Pope Innocent IV said, “every kind of vileness and blasphemy against Christian truth.”

Because of the deeply Catholic nature of present Boston, the Jewish besiegers have naturally led with attacks which are designed to neutralize, and ultimately nullify, Catholic influence in public places. At the same time, they have not neglected that work so important to their purposes: national subversion. Boston Jews have played a prominent, and often exclusive, part in the operation of such black-listed outfits as the Boston School for Marxist Studies, the League for Democratic Control, the Progressive Labor School, and the Boston School of Social Science. The House Un-American Activities Committee, which has condemned all the foregoing, also exposed the local Chelsea Jewish Children’s School, branding it as, “A place where Marxism is combined with instruction in the racial tongue.”

The overtly-Communist Samuel Adams School of Boston was likewise heavily Jewish-staffed, and last summer a Congressional investigation in New York turned up the fact that a former Adams School instructor, Boston Jew Sol Vail, was a key man in the New York State network of Communist-Jewish summer camps.

Zionist summer camps in the Boston area are now known to be the hatching-place of those terrorist gangs which were unleashed in the Boston streets last Fall to crush Saint Benedict Center’s protest against Brandeis University. The headquarters for all Zionist activity in Boston is at Number 17 Commonwealth Avenue, from which there radiate all over the city those Hebrew hawkers who have made Boston Jews the country’s most prolific buyers of Israeli Bonds. Back into this same headquarters (which loyal Boston Israelis call “the little embassy”) there pour gesticulated reports on the progress of the “siege.”

The following are The Point ’s own reports on three of the many phases of the current Jewish attack on Boston.

The Peddlers’ Gang

There was one inevitable consequence of the Jews’ rush on Boston. As their numbers increased, the city’s Jewish merchants sallied forth from their jewelry stores and furniture exchanges to lay siege to every corner of the downtown shopping district. With Jewish retailers buying only from Jewish wholesalers, and Jewish wholesalers giving special prices to Jewish retailers, it was only a matter of time before Gentile owners, surrendering to the “squeeze,” announced that henceforth their stores would be “under new management.”

Though Bostonians are generally aware that all commodities from lampshades to limousines are presently purveyed to them by Jews, few realize how zealous the Jews have been to keep the true limits of their influence concealed. Like department store owner Abe Filehne (who became A. Lincoln Filene, and then dropped even the “A”) Jewish dealers have tried to mask their identity by giving their names a Gentile bob. Greenspan has become “Green”; Lubinski has become “Luby”; Rabinovitz has become “Rabb.” (This last alteration inspired the comment that the super-successful chain of supermarkets owned by the “Rabb” family should really be called “Stopinovitz & Shopinovitz.”)

Another faction of Jewish peddlers, having dispossessed Yankee merchants of their stores, decided that those stores by any other names might not be so profitable. Consequently, many of Boston’s Jew-run emporiums bear some deceptively un-Judaic appellations: R. H. White’s, Gilchrist’s, the Charles B. Perkins Cigar Stores, Wethern’s, Leeds, E. B. Horn, etc.

Into this category, too, fit such unlikely Jewish properties as the Kenmore, Somerset, Vendome, Sherry Biltmore, Lenox and Braemore hotels; the Little Building; and the United States Trust Company.

The most striking specimen in this exhibit, however, is assuredly the firm of Brooks Brothers, through whose proper doors legions of proper Bostonians have trudged, content in the knowledge that here they would be outfitted by their own sort of people in their own sort of way. According to the latest edition of Moody’s business directory, Brooks Brothers has in recent days been transferred into the hands of Julius Garfinckel, Inc.

Not surprisingly, the task of minding Boston’s business has proved profitable to the Jews in more ways than one. Their bulging purses have enabled them to put into effect whatever ventures seem currently likely to further the Jewish cause, whether it be staging a Chanukkah festival or setting up a slush fund for pushing bills through the legislature. Through large outlays for advertising, without which most Boston newspapers would collapse overnight, they have acquired a sure and sinister power over the press. By dominating both the wholesale and retail phases of Boston business, they can largely determine such matters as how Bostonians will dress, how they will furnish their homes, what books they will read.

Lately, the Jews have been using their hold on business as a beachhead from which to assault Boston morality. Most valuable in this campaign have been the city’s movie theaters, all of which belong to Jews. Seizing the chance afforded by relaxations in the censorship code, Jewish owners have recently dedicated a number of expensively-located theaters to the sole work of exhibiting — with graphic advertisements — films which are distinguished only for their obscenity.

As a final and thoroughly characteristic gesture, the Jews call these theaters by names like the Beacon, the Exeter, and the Mayflower — apparently in the hope that Bostonians will blame the Brahmins for the city’s avalanche of filth.

The Political Gang

Quite the most ambitious Jewish plan for the conquest of Boston by political means was the one put forward by a Jew named Jerome Rappaport, who descended upon the city a few years ago with ideas about capturing the “young people’s” vote. Before long, Rappaport had captured for himself one of our local Catholic girls (the daughter of the head of the Massachusetts Democratic Committee), whom he married at a candle-light ceremony on Boston’s T-Wharf.

Knowing that one lone Jew would never make the grade as a political force in Boston, Rappaport kept his Jewishness shrewdly under cover and organized a Gentile front — the New Boston Committee. At the head of the NBC (as his project came to be called) Rappaport placed a local doctor named Murphy. Hiding behind a score of such non-Jews, Rappaport made his bid to create a “New Boston” by endorsing candidates for a municipal election. Long before all the ballots were counted, it became apparent that Rappaport’s NBC had won a great victory.

But between this election and the following one something happened. Boston Catholics began to wake up to the Jewishness of the “Committee” and they began to resent very much having their names used all over town as “letter-head patrons” for whatever scheme might enter the mind of Rappaport. The next time the voters of Boston went to the polls, not one NBC-controlled candidate was elected. It was received as decidedly happy news when the press finally disclosed that Rappaport’s figurehead, Doctor Murphy, had officially resigned months before, and that the Jewish political vision of a “New Boston” had now fatally faded.

Last Fall, in Boston’s primary elections, twenty-seven men entered the race for the nine seats on the City Council. Among all Boston’s 140,000 Jews, only one (not Rappaport) was bold enough to run. He finished next to last, in twenty-sixth place, with twenty-five Catholic candidates ahead of him.

The more realistic members of the Jewish political gang have ceased to look upon polling booths as the means of cracking Catholic Boston’s politics. They have taken to “black-washing,” and, by enlisting the aid of every Jew in anything that sounds like an official position, they have launched a smear-campaign against the city.

Led by Jewish Judge Adlow of the Municipal Court, they have made wholesale attacks on “district attorneys and prosecuting officers,” and on “corrupt police and friendly prosecuting attorneys.” Jewish Judge Reuben Lurie, who in a term as penal commissioner was accused by a former governor of ruining the local prison system (getting himself roundly and soundly referred to as a “penological crackpot”) has been joined in the fight to discredit our jails by State Attorney-General George Fingold. This latter Jewish office-holder finds much pleasure in orating about the “rotten disgrace” of police departments, and has assigned a detective to Boston’s well-loved City Hospital, a favorite Jewish target, in the hope of discovering a wrongly-open window or an ill-washed baby-bottle.

With Doctor Maurice Victor’s widely-publicized charges that Boston has the nation’s number one “alcoholic” problem, the smear-campaign has been lately intensified. Many conclude that the current near-panic among local political Jews has been occasioned by the November defeat of Jewish Jackson Holtz. A Democratic candidate for Congress, Holtz was defeated when the Irish-Catholic Democrats in the West Roxbury section of Boston went against him. Rather than vote for Jewish Mr. Holtz, the West Roxburyites put aside party allegiance, jumped over a high traditional wall of separation, and approved a Yankee Republican as their representative in Washington.

The Harvard Gang

With apologies for leaving whole areas of Jewish activity uncommented-on, and hosts of local gang-leaders unexposed, we would like to conclude with a word to those readers who think of Boston as that proper Puritan place where “the Lowells speak only to Cabots, and the Cabots speak only to God.”

The traditional citadel of Boston’s “Cabot culture” has always been that sprawling next-door neighbor of The Point, Harvard University. An examination of the University’s latest listing of teachers and students, however, reveals that the Jewish besiegers have in no sense passed the place by. This year, in all of Harvard’s student body, only six decorous Cabots can be found to balance the aggressive presence of thirty-three shoving Cohens! And on the faculty, one lone Cabot (who comes in from town for an occasional lecture) has left a clear field for eleven ubiquitous Cohens!

Everywhere there is evidence of surrender. A local lodge of B’nai B’rith meets in the Harvard faculty building. The head of the University’s Board of Overseers is Jewish Charles Wyzanski. At the Law School, a Jew named Katz (of the Marshall Plan and the Ford Foundation) has lately been assigned to continue the tradition of such conspiring Harvard Jews as Felix Frankfurter, Lee Pressman, and Harry Dexter White. In recognition of how well things are going, New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary has awarded young President Pusey of Harvard an honorary degree.

After much diligent searching, The Point has been able to discover just one corner of Harvard that is holding out — and that is the southeast corner of the University’s Memorial Hall. There, in stony witness to Harvard’s Gentile past, a visitor will note, high on the outside wall, the busts of two Christian orators: Saint John Chrysostom and Bishop Jacques Bossuet. These two, who had eloquence and the episcopacy in common, were likewise the sharers of a common sentiment toward the Jews. Saint Chrysostom, in a homily to his people, and Bossuet in an instruction to the Dauphin, both made the Church’s position imperishably clear with the statement, “Jews, God hates you!”

The imminent removal of these two bits of statuary will mark the final capitulation of the Cabots’ Boston.

For Catholic Boston, we have yet some hope.

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