Big Gob Bob

gob n. (sl.) mouth. [perh. f. Gaelic & Irish, = beak, mouth] (Oxford English Dictionary)
He’s loud, vulgar, conceited, and has made $50 million on the back of his selfless work for downtrodden blacks. Does it come as any surprise that a Jewish news site has claimed Bob Geldof is half-Jewish?
Band Aid founders Bob Geldof and Midge Ure were back at Air Studios in north London for the recording and making sure things went smoothly. Geldof, himself the son of a Jewish father, said in The Sun:
“I think this time we have 20 years of knowledge within pop music of what this thing is. There is a cultural and political reference. It appears more organised because of the publicists and managers involved, but it all sort of tumbled into place in a couple of weeks. It sounds gaudy but I guess there is a legacy.”
Daily Jews, 15th Nov 2004.

Further down the list at number 18 comes Bob Geldof. His involvement with Castaway Productions, which makes Survivor, and the radio production firm Ten Alps bring his fortune to £30m [$50m]. There are only 14 women on the list but their appearance is seen as significant. Among them is Elisabeth Murdoch, former managing director of Sky Networks, who comes 13th with an estimated £35m [$60m]. The daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch is due to tie the knot with celebrity publicist Matthew Freud in a private ceremony on Friday.

BBC Entertainment News, 17 Aug 2001.

Rupert Murdoch’s son-in-law in charge of Live8 publicity

Tony Blair’s good friend, Mr Matthew Freud, is heading Bob Geldof’s middle-aged attempt to regain pop-stardom. Matthew runs “Freud Communications PR Consultants”, which works with with popstars and celebrities like Britney Spears and has corporate customers like AOL, Nestlé, KFC, Pepsi, Sony and the British Central Office of Intelligence (COI). The COI is the successor of the WWII wartime Ministry of Information. Freud also ran Labour’s Millenium Dome project, and in 2001 he married Elisabeth Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Another close friend, The Right Honourable Peter Benjamin Mandelson, attended their wedding. Mandelson — one of the first people in Britain to whom the term “spin doctor” was applied — became Britain’s European Commissioner for Trade in 2004.

Indymedia, 27th June 2005.

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