A Jew Called Whine

U.K. Jews on 'high alert' following attacks

'In the past terror attacks there has been an increase in anti-Semitism'

By Yaakov Lappin

London's Jewish community has gone on high alert following a series of terrorist attacks in the British capital on Thursday morning.

Mike Whine, head of the Community Security Trust, a Jewish communal organization that works to defend the British Jewish community, told Ynetnews that his organization has "issued an alert urging vigilance for the community."

"In the past when there have been terror attacks, there has been an increase in anti-Semitism," Whine said.

Whine said the security group is staying in close contact with London police and investigators from Scotland Yard.

"We are working closely with the officers, and two of our representatives have a meeting with London police this afternoon," he said.

Source: Mideastreality.com, 9 July 2005

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