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ISN network and Linux, how?

Thu Mar 10 19:41:07 CET 2005
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Teles 16.3

If you can find a secondhand Teles 16.3 card, then that is perfectly usable.
However, if you're planning on buying one new, I'd recommend one of the other cards instead; this is because of the (non-existent) support for Linux from Teles. Apparently Teles wants to make money only on the software, not the hardware, so supporting a free OS is contrary to their goals. Vote with your wallet...

Here's a picture of a real 16.3:

When shipped from the factory, the I/O address of the TELES.BRI/16.3 Board is set at 180. :

Configuration: The card supports IRQ 5, 9, 10, 12 and 15.
Teles 16.3 non-pnp type=3 protocol=2 io=0xXXX irq=X IO according to switch settings, IRQ is set in software by the driver to the given value

Teles PCI

There are different "Teles PCI" available; the first was manufactured by Teles themselves, currently a card manufactured by NETjet is sold under the same name. This sucks, as only by looking at the card you can tell what driver to use (i.e. teles pci or netjet).

Teles PCI (original) type=21 protocol=2 with PCI don't supply irq or io
Teles PCI (new) type=20 protocol=2 with PCI don't supply irq or io

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