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  Constitution Printed in 1825

Constitution printed in 1825

Courtesy of the archivists of the State of Maine, following are authentic copies of pages from the United States Constitution printed in Maine in 1825 showing the original 13th Amendment. The title page shows the publication facts. The other page shows the missing 13th Amendment. These copies are certified copies of the original. The screen changes size, but the text remains the same. See special thanks below.


Constitution, 1825 Manuscript, Title Page

Missing 13th Amendment, 1825 Manuscript

The special value of those who preserve and guard our invaluable heritage in our libraries is remarkably demonstrated here.

From the State of Maine

State of Maine Archivist, Jeffrey Brown, acted with scholarly sincerity in locating the requested, rare document and making copies. Mailed to me at a nominal cost were hard copy, certified as a copy of the original, plus jpeg scan copies for my computer. Those are the ones shown above, converted to gif.

Archivist Patty Lincoln was responsible for cataloging the document. Someone gave the book to the library, saying they had found it in their grandfather’s possessions. Patty had an authority determine the authenticity and value of the book, then placed it in a secure place. So, when Jeff asked about the book, Patty was familiar with it.

The archives can be contacted at

Maine State Archives
State Capitol - Station 84
Augusta, ME 04333-0084
Phone (207)287-5295

Internet email:


Thanks, folks. Let us hope that all of America will read this rare and valuable part of our heritage.

Forest Glen Durland

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