kwave changelog :

* Thu Dec 30 2004 Robert M. Stockmann  0.7.2-pre1
- kwave-0.7.2.cputest64.patch.bz2 : Adjusted the failing popl %0 commands
  inside libkwave/cputest.c when compiling on AMD64/X86_64. As is stated on :
  "Instructions that modify the stack (push, pop, call, ret, enter,
   and leave) are implicitly 64-bit. Their 32-bit counterparts are not
   available, but their 16-bit counterparts are."
- Adjusted version 0.7.2-1 to  0.7.2-pre1 because the kwave maintainer
  didn't release kwave-0.7.2 yet.

* Wed Dec 29 2004 Robert M. Stockmann  0.7.2-1
- Added two patches to allow building on AMD64/X86_64 :
  kwave-0.7.2.qt32.patch.bz2 :  allow Makefile.dist to detect 32bit QT
  kwave-0.7.2.qt64.patch.bz2 :  allow Makefile.dist to detect 64bit QT
- In order to rpm --rebuild this package on Mandrake 10.1 X86_64 and i586 
  one needs to have an adjusted flac package installed : 
  flac-1.1.1-0.beta1.4mdk_kwave. see the RPMS directory at the download section.
  This is not needed when installing the x86_64.rpm or i586.rpm of kwave.

flac changelog :

* Wed Dec 29 2004 Robert M. Stockmann  1.1.1-0.beta1.4mdk_kwave
- imported libFLAQ.m4 and libFLAQ.m4 from the kwave project at which allows kwave-0.7.2 to build.
  One only needs to install this flac version when doing development of kwave
  on Mandrake 10.1 x86_64 and i586.

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