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Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner

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Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner is software used to burn files and folders onto CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
To start the burning process choose files and folders to be added (burned) and press the BURN button.

How to write files and folders to the CD DVD disk.

There are several steps you can take to burn files and folders to the Data CD/DVD disk:

Step 1. Select files and folders to be added in the Base and Root areas.

  • Base - Base folder containing files and subfolders that will be added to the root of the CD/DVD. Use the browse button to change the base folder via a standard Browse for Folder... dialog. Double click the folder to open it in Windows Explorer.
  • Root - Additional files and folders (located on the same or other drives) that will be added to the CD/DVD. Use the Add File/Folder buttons next to the Root area to add folders and files via a standard dialog. You can also Drag and Drop files and folders here from Windows Explorer. Double-clicking on the item will open it in Windows Explorer. If you clear the check box on the left of the item - this item will not be burned, but will be kept in the settings for future use.
- add file
- add folder
- clear item

Step 2. In the Burning Options - type in a Disc Label. Specify how the path is applied to extra files and folders.

Step 3. Select you CD/DVD Burner  from the pull down menu. Select the burning speed.

Insert a blank CD/DVD disk into the CD/DVD drive and click the BURN ! button. See the progress. To cancel the data burning process click the STOP button.

Burning Settings

Click the Settings link to open the Burner Settings dialog. Default settings are shown below. 

The list of available settings to choose from:

  • Finalize Media - the parameter performs media finalizing after burning is complete
  • Perform BURN-Proof - the parameter sets the status of BURN-Proof (Buffer Under RuN error Proof) flag which protects against the BURN error
  • Perform OPC - the parameter sets the status of a flag for performing OPC before burning. Performing OPC is a special technique used in the newer CD-Recorders for monitoring and maintaining the quality of disc writing and ensures the accuracy of all the mark and lands lengths across the disc. The term Performing OPC describes a general process which is also known by several trade names including "Dynamic Power Control (DPC)" and "Direct Read During Write (DRDW)". There may be differences in execution which gives some of these implementations competitive advantages over others
  • Default rewritable media erase - if the media type is re-writable (CD-RW, DVD-RW, etc.), selecting this option will erase the media automatically every time before burning starts. If turned off - you will be asked to confirm the erase action.
  • Default Max write speed - if turned on - burner has been set up to use maximum writing speed. If turned off - one step below maximum.
  • Cache Buffer Size - size of the cache buffer in megabytes. Gives a basic level of Buffer Under RuN Error Protection using software buffers. The data, to be burnt, is kept in the system RAM, before it is burnt to the disc.

How to Register the Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner Software

To register the software, choose Register Software...  from the System menu (click on the CD icon at the top left corner of the dialog). 

The Enter Key dialog box appears:

Enter Key

  • If you have not purchased your registration key yet, click Buy Now! to go to our web site and purchase it online.
  • In the Name field, type in the name exactly as it is given to you after the purchase is complete.
  • In the Key field, type in your registration key, or you may copy your registration key and paste it in this field.
  • Click OK.


IT reviewers are encouraged to use this software and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a registered version for free. CD editors are authorized to include the trial version of Active@ CD/DVD Data Burner in their CD-ROMs.

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