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Chapter 14: Key to Organisations and Agencies and Other Subordinate Bodies
Communications and Information Systems
  NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A)

In July 1996, the NATO C3 Agency came into being as part of NATO's strategy to restructure its C3 activities within the Alliance. This action brought together the planning, scientific and development and acquisition functions of NATO's Communications and Information Systems, and some C3 functions, thereby enhancing the Alliance's capability to carry out its new crisis management tasks, while preserving its collective defence capabilities. The NC3 Agency provides central planning, systems integration, design, systems engineering, technical support and configuration control for NATO C3 systems and installations. The Agency procures and implements projects assigned to it and provides scientific and technical advice and support to the Strategic Commanders and other customers on matters pertaining to operational research, surveillance, air command and control (including theater missile defence, electronic welfare and airborne early warning and control) and communications and information systems.

The NC3A has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium but operates from split locations in Brussels (Planning and Acquisition) and the The Hague, the Netherlands (Scientific Support). It currently employs about 450 civilian and military personnel.

Further information can be obtained from:

website: http://www.nc3a.nato.int

NATO HQ C3 Staff
NATO Headquarters
1110 Brussels
Tel: 32 2 707 4358
Fax: 32 2 707 5709

NC3A Brussels
(HQ, Planning & Acquisition)
8 rue de Genève
1140 Brussels
Tel: 32 2 707 8267
Fax: 32 2 708 8770

NC3A The Hague
(Scientific & technical matters)
P.O. Box 174
Oude Waalsdorperweg 61
2501 CD The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 70 314 2329
Fax: 31 70 314 2111

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